Network & Services

Learn more about the growing UIC network. In a reliable, cost efficient and frequent way, we are connecting our customers with the main hinterland and international destinations.

Selected destinations for UIC

  • 8 Destinations identified with highest potential. Initial start with Ternopol & Kharkov​
  • Gradual expansion to further locations in Ukraine
  • Mid-term expansion towards Poland, Belarus and Baltic States​


The West Container Terminal

  • Operating since September 2020
  • Weekly departure from Odessa and Ternopol at the initial stage. Minimum train capacity of 70 TEU / direction  
  • Private terminal in Ternopol
    • 5 hectares with up to 1‘500 TEU storage capacity
    • Sheltered warehouse of 10‘000 sqm
    • 2 reachstackers 
    • Telescopic handler & forklifts with lifting capacity 5-16 mt
  • Reefer yard with 20 plugs
  • Optional first / last mile delivery

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Train Odessa – Ternopol – Odessa (Since September 2020)

  • Departure from Ternopol on Wednesday
  • Departures from Odessa on Friday
  • Capacity of 31 platforms / 62 TEUs
  • Transit time 22 hours


The Dnipro Terminal

SOON! Launch of a regular container train on the route "Odessa - Dnipro - Odessa"

SC "Container Terminal Odessa"

The Container Terminal Odessa (CTO) is the largest most modern container terminal in Ukraine and has been operated by the HHLA Group since 2001. In addition to containers, the terminal also handles bulk, general and project cargo. 

CTO is setting standards for quality and sustainability. It is operated as a common-user terminal, ensuring discrimination-free access to all shipping lines and forwarders. The focus is on providing the highest European quality standards to customers and continuously implementing innovations. 

In the past 20 years, HHLA has invested over USD 170 million in the development of the terminal to improve the efficiency of operations as well as to increase handling capabilities. That also includes investments that are doubling the rail traffic capacity in order to support container rail services in Ukraine.

Terminal area36.5 ha
Quay length960 m
Water depthup to 14.5 m
Current capacity850 k TEU
6 STS and 15 RTG

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